Epson epson photo 700

ottobre 30th, 2008

Per scaricare il driver per Stampanti Epson epson photo 700 per il sistema operativo Win95, Win98 attenetevi alle istruzioni, scritte sotto. Se cercate il driver dell\'altra versione oppure per la versione del sistema operativo diverso, cioè Windows(XP, Vista, Windows 7), Linux(Red Hat, Ubuntu, SuSe), Mac OS X (9, 10) o FreeBSD (6,7), mandateci la richiesta.
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Modello: epson photo 700
EPSON Printer Port
EPSON Stylus Photo 700

Fabbricante: Epson

Tipo de dispositivo: Printer

Sistemi Operativi: Win95, Win98

Filename: Sc6445ce.exe
Dimensione file: 2.6MB

Tipo di licenza: Gratis

Win95, Win98
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  1. Sajid scrive:

    This was an Amazon gift from the grnrdpaaents to my 4 year old. He LOVES this! It teaches your child the proper way to make their letters. (My 8 year old needs one LOL!)He loves tracing the dots and sliding the eraser. It cheers the kids on after they push the paw print. He will sneak to play with it when he is suppose to be sleeping. It is currently at show and tell at his pre-k, he loves it that much. One week of use and he is going all over the house writing the first letter of his name. He has shown off his letter writing skills at the Drs. office. He now writes his letters better than his big brother in 3rd grade!

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